Are you expecting a new baby, and feeling exhausted from just being pregnant?  Are you a parent currently overwhelmed by taking care of your toddler, and preparing for the arrival of a newborn(s)?  Have you ever felt completely clueless about what becoming a new parent would mean, let alone take care of a new human(s)?  Do you know parents who might be experiencing something along the lines of any of these situations?

Look no further.  With You Doula is here to help ease the life shift that comes with bringing a little one into the fold.  Whether they are the first, or the fourth to arrive, having a little one(s) is a big change for everyone involved.  We understand this, and want to support you.

“Christina came when my baby was around a month old- she is my 4th child and my husband has always gone back to work a few days after I have given birth. Before asking Christina I thought that I was good and didn’t need help with my new role of being a Mom of 4-but, I was wrong!! Christina came in and instantly went to work- there was laundry that needed to be folded, dinner to be made, dishes to be done and I was exhausted just thinking about it all! Christina took over all of the needs of the house and the needs of the baby (minus the feeding- since I was breastfeeding) and just let me go and rest!! It was so needed!

“A month after giving birth is all still new and hard- asking someone like Christina to take a little bit of that burden away so I could just go and rest,  was the best decision ever!!”

Heidi, mother of four

“Christina is a fantastic doula! My husband travels for work and, as a first time Mom, I was struggling to take care of my high needs baby while he was away. Thank goodness Christina came into our lives. She immediately made me feel comfortable with her kind presence and went above and beyond in her care. She looked after the needs of my daughter while encouraging me to rest (which is very hard for an anxious mama like myself). She picked up around the house, did my laundry, and made the best, healthy lunches with ingredients I forgot we even had in our fridge! She also helped me figure out how to get my daughter on a nap schedule, which was sorely needed. I cannot recommend Christina enough!”

Sarah, mother of one